[Poem] Mother Earth and Mom Bods


If we do not look with disdain upon

the gardens

which nestle vegetable seeds

within their soil,

incubating each seed

through harsh and unpredictable weather

so that each seed may have a chance to

extend roots

and sprout beautiful leaves

in hopes of someday

basking in the warmth of sunlight;


do we scrutinize

pregnant bodies?


If we do not shame

the landscape which

s l o w l y e x p a n d s

to allow a tiny stream of water

to flow

in hope that it may


create a strong, running river,

providing a life source

for the beings around it;


do we place impossible expectations

for women

to #snapback to the body they had

before children,

despite the fact that

their bodies have

rearranged their selves




Dear new mother:

Should your feet swell in size,

land each step with a fierceness

that announces your arrival

long before your presence graces the room

Should your hips w i d e n,

consider that the throne upon which you deservedly sit

shall need an upgrade as well

Should your eyesight blur,

remember that your sharpest gift of sight

is your ability to have looked within

the depths of your womb

and gardened a new life

where no human eye

could see

Should your skin become stretched and loosen,

know that it is because

you have held the nucleus

of an entire universe

and released it to create

a life of its own.


The beauty

of Mother Earth

and Mom Bods

can only be admired

by the beholder

who understands

the sacrifice she has gone through

so that others may


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