We Fall in Love in Gardens of Our Own

If I have learned one thing, it is that life does not wait for you but love will.

There is a garden for you that does not exist yet. The land is sitting idle and abandoned, but waiting. Sometimes we believe a thing or a person will lead us there, but this is false hope. A job might get us to the city and a love interest might accompany us to the neighborhood, but you must ultimately find your garden on your own.

When you get there, you will see that your garden’s soil is fertile, but bare. Confused, you will scratch your head and pleasantly discover that seeds have been growing out of your mind all along on your journey there.

Instinctively, you will know where to place each seed into the ground. You will water it with your sweat and your tears. And then you will wait. The bloom will take time, but you will trust that it is worth it.

A flower will catch your eye. One that appears to be juuust on the edge of your property. So far on the edge, you’ll wonder how long it has been there and marvel at the way you never noticed it before. You will go to it. You will allow yourself to be fully captivated by this flower to the point where the rest of the world blurs and you only faintly become aware of the fact that you are not alone.

There is a person in the garden next to you. They will have been drawn to that very same flower from the center of their own garden. An adjacent garden that you hadn’t even noticed because you were so fulfilled in the tending of your own. As were they to the tending to theirs.

After a while, you’ll both be unconcerned about whose garden the flower is in. You’ll spend hours instead in awe of its beauty. You’ll plan out ways to care for the flower together. And as if in a daze, you will each begin to spend time caring for the other flowers around. You’ll plant new seeds together.

And when your time comes, you will return, gently back into the earth for gardens yet to come.

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